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Divine Mvita

Hi, my name is Divine Mvita.

In addition to my career in marketing, I help young millennials thrive towards the bigger picture, their future.

Partnering with several organizations has given me the opportunity to collaborate and curate profitable workshops, events and resources for young millenials. 

My life-long aim is to share my story to empower and inspire others to rise above the challenges of their circumstances and fulfill their life assignment. In inspiration to my mother’s counsel, “to never be anxious or worried about things that are meant for us, as those things we are called to will always find us”, I intend to move through life optimistically, with a deep sense of conviction that each and every one of us is capable of triumph, resilience, and impact.

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What community is about: Empowering millennials to offer their highest gifts to the world by embracing their dreams and sense of self.

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Dreams are formed when we look outside of ourselves, but a true awakening of a dream is when we start to look from within

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